LPG Bottling Plant

LPG Bottling

Escape Bangladesh is licensed for LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) bottling and distribution in Bangladesh. We also sell LPG cylinders. We import cylinders from abroad and supply in local market. Our LPG distribution chain covers the whole of Bangladesh.

Our imported LPG bottle features:

Light Weight: Half of steel cylinder weight, easy to handle & transport

Safe: 100% explosion proof

Durable: Impact resistant, suitable for all conditions -40o C to 50o C

Non-Corrosive: No filters needed

Efficient: Reduces maintenance cost

Attactive: Elegant, colorful & ergonomic

High-Tech: Build-in RFID tags for cylinder tracking and circulation control (optional)

What are the advantages of using LPG?

Here are the top five reasons why LPG is a preferred fuel source for cooking:

  • LPG is an economical fuel source.
  • It burns readily and gives off instant heat. The flame is visible and its size is easily controllable to meet your heating needs.
  • LPG burns very efficiently, with very low combustion emissions and does not create black smoke. It does not leave messy soot so your cooking vessels can be cleaned easily.
  • It is easy to store an LPG cylinder. It is clean and takes up very little space in kitchen.
  • Requesting for a replacement cylinder is easy. Simply call your nearest authorised ExxonMobil distributor for fast, efficient and free home delivery service.